Importance of Three Meals


Below, it shows the importance of each meal- breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and why it is important to have them at the different times.


Healthy Meals for Breakfast


people become really busy and busier to the point that they, often time, skip their breakfast just to get out of the house and go to school or work.


Effectively Advertise Restaurants


without advertising your eateries, perhaps people would visit other places over yours. Here are three simple ways to advertise your restaurants.


What is so Popular about Fast Food Restaurants in Phnom Penh

fast food

What is so Popular about Fast Food Restaurants in Phnom Penh


As the world has globalized; Cambodia has also been modernized. During the time of modernization, many things such as clothes, education, moive have been adopted from many foreign cultures. At the same time, the idea of new foods also came along. Fast food has become really popular as can be noticed that many fast food restaurants in Phnom Penh starts to grow more and more. Have you ever wondered what is so popular about that? Here are several reasons why.

Cambodian is mostly interested in foreign culture


Starting from the era of development in Cambodia, it can be seen that most Cambodian, especially teenager tends to dress up like western people, watch western movie, and like eating western food. Talking about that, fast food is also a part of Western Food. The globalization and modernization change their tastes from eating traditional foods to having fast food. Many fast food restaurants in Phnom Penh is always seen to be so crowded with people eating pizza, burger, french fries, spaghetti, and more.

Cambodia is a growing economy


Because Cambodia is a developing countries, and it starts to adopt a free market economy, many investments are usually placed in the city. Around 50% of the overall investment is restaurant. There are many types of restaurants in Phnom Penh yet fast food restaurant dominates the market. Many brand names such as KFC, Domino's Pizza, Gloria Jean's Coffee, and Starbucks are the very famous brands in the world, and are seen to be located in Cambodia as well. That is the reason why fast food restaurants in Phnom Penh become very popular in these few decade.

Those fast food restaurants in Phnom Penh provide new experience to Cambodian people.


Those fast food restaurants in Phnom Penh have their own culture which can provide Cambodian people new experience. For example, how they decorate the restaurants is totally different from the traditional food restaurants as well. Also, the culture of ordering food is also dissimilar from other restaurants as they require the customers to stand in line to order the food. More than this, the bill paying is also paid right when ordering food. What the most important is that people can experience new taste of fast food which is not the same as their home country foods.