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Importance of Three Meals


The Importance of Eating Three Meals


Have you ever imagined of skipping all meals for a week? How hard it would be for you? Would you get tired and sick if you did so? It is believed that skipping all the three meals only for a day would make some changes to the mood of people as the brain would not function well. Some people only eat all three meals wrongly, or did not even know the importance of eating them. Below, it shows the importance of each meal- breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and why it is important to have them at the different times.

The Importance of Breakfast


Most people are often spotted to skip their breakfast just because they are hurried to go to school or work. Science says that breakfast is the very first meals that you get after the long hour, starting from night time, that you do not get to eat. Therefore, to live a healthy live, the breakfast should not be skipped. Moreover, it is true that breakfast can help the brain to function well. Of course, students as well as employed workers would not do their works well if they continue to work with the hungry feeling. The breakfast, one of the three meals, would strongly make some changes in lives as you might study or work well with the breakfast in your stomach.

The Importance of Lunch


A good lunch would help both physically and mentally. After the long day at work or school, lunch break would be the time for everyone to relax their brain and take time for a short rest. By having a good lunch, it can make them feel very energetic and refreshing. Thus for the rest of the time, they can carry on working even better. Plus, it would help them to feel good from that time onwards. More than just feeling good and relaxing, a good lunch with family and friends can strengthen their bond as well.

The Importance of Dinner


To some cultures, dinner can be one of the three meals where people can gather with their loved ones or a treasure time that they can truly release of their stress after a long exhausting hour. However, besides this benefit, lunch also provide health advantage to the practitioners as well. By eating healthy and sufficient dinner, it can help to sleep well and soundly. Moreover, you won't be feeling sharky or hungry in the middle of the night as well. Moreover, for those people who always do meditation at night time, it can help them meditate well because they would not get annoyed by the hungriness during the practice.